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Why build from the ground up? The benefit of custom building your event.

A lot of clients ask us this question, and it seems like a hard one to answer! There are some key factors that make all the difference in making your event successful. With our clients we always start with their ‘Why’. Why are they holding the event, what are the objectives, and how do we measure success? Understanding your why is the key to creating an event that serves a purpose and meets your goals, rather than just getting everyone in the same room.

Building your event from scratch allows you to custom build every piece of the puzzle and effectively deliver your message. The little things all count in making your delegates engage with your event.

Pulling off the ‘impossible’ is the ultimate goal for us at HPCE! We love taking risks and doing things outside the square, to make your event a remarkable experience.

Daniela and I have known each other for a long time, first working together in the events industry 16 years ago. The bond we have with each other along with the knowledge and relationships we have built to bring everything together, are the direct result of our time in the industry. We both grew up in the events industry, in Rotorua. It's a tourist hub that kept us on our toes with a diverse range of clients from day one. We understand what it takes to deliver a message that matters. We're all about building a remarkable delegate experience that's engaging and unique.

At a recent event in January, the things we handled behind the scenes were, even more so thanks to COVID, a challenge! Health and safety planning, a 32m x 25m marquee build, an air-conditioning truck for the last minute heatwave, morning yoga, onsite AV, LED screens, theming, NZ sweets on the tables, interactive workshops, a touch tournament and more. Having everything fully customised gave their event a wow factor and resulted in a group of engaged, happy delegates. We're here to make every event feel seamless on the day, and the feedback was fantastic.

Our client was so happy knowing that we'd be able to handle all the extra challenges that inevitably pop up in a multi-day event. They could focus on delivering their message and liaising with their delegates on the day while everything ran in the background. Not only that, feedback from delegates was exceptional! They loved how personalised and consistent the conference was, in every detail. That's the beauty of leaving it to the experts.

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