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Building bikes for kids in need

Giveback programs are becoming more and more popular with our clients as businesses look to do their part in the community. One of our clients had a super fun conference planned Mount Maunganui with all sorts of awesome activities like go carting and a Love Boat themed awards dinner!

There's no doubt that the highlight of the team conference was their giveback activity. They came up with a super fun, unique way to get the staff involved and engaged directly with their charity - the Graeme Dingle foundation.

We hired out space at Bay Park, where the team got to work building new bikes for kiwi kids in need! The team of 17 built the bikes, helmets and bike locks, which were tested by mechanics on-site to ensure their safety. Everything was personalised with the kid's name who would be receiving the bike. You could see how engaged all the staff were, loving the challenge of putting them all together.

The big surprise came when the kids, who thought they were out on a simple field trip, arrived in the bus! Both the kids and the staff were surprised and there were massive smiles all round as each staff member gifted the goods to the kids they'd made them for.

Programs like these are such a great way to boost morale while doing something good for the community. We loved bringing this together and the vibe on the day was unbeatable!

Our team are more than happy to chat about some giveback program options for your next event. Give us a call!

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